Stud service

Please visit "Our Goldens - Males" tab for pictures and info including health testing results for all our current and upcoming studs.

We require a brucellosis test for all females prior to mating to ensure all females are clear.

$2,500 stud fee for litters being sold at limited registration.

Full registration litters to be discussed prior to breeding. 

Progesterone testing is not required but is a big help in determining the females success rate. 

For a successful stud service we guarantee at minimum one tie for a receptive female. The goal for the breeding will be two ties within 48 hours of each other. 

A successful litter includes at least two live puppies at birth. If no litter is produced one live rebreed will be offered including atleast one successful tie. 

Natural ties have a 80 to 95 percent success rate of pregnancy.

Contact us for Shipped semen.

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